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I''m a librarian in California.

At least six Aids sufferers and others living in a village in central China devastated by the disease have been arrested for seeking government help, their families and police said on Friday.

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Brigadier General Janice Karpinski is among seven officers being investigated following claims that soldiers under their command mistreated detainees.
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Protesters of all ages marched through the streets on Saturday wearing signs saying “alien” in reference to their non-citizen status and the fact they will need visas to work and travel in the EU.
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Leonardo Bruzón Avila, the director of the 24th of February Children’s
Library, located in Havana, is reported to be at the point of death after being transferred to the hospital wing of the Combinado del Este Prison.  He has been on a hunger strike for 40 days to protest his two years of imprisonment without charge or trial. He refuses to eat unless he is either charged with a crime or set free.
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